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Rest Phase – Tips

It should be entirely possible for you to continue with your normal exercise routine on the G Plan. Keep ACTIVE As we’ve said, this first phase may not be the time to take up a new workout or set yourself a gruelling fitness challenge. But we’d absolutely encourage you to stay fit and active, and […]

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Rest Phase – How You Might Feel!

This very much depends on what your diet was like before starting the plan. If it was heavy on processed foods, sugar, bread and caffeine, then the next few days will be quite a change for you. Many people experience withdrawal headaches or fatigue for a couple of days if they go without caffeine. This […]

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Phase 1 Shopping List

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Kefir Recipes

The berries add a vitamin C hit to support immune function while the oats will help fill you up on busy mornings.

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Sauerkraut Recipes

Asparagus, especially raw, is good for your gut. It contains a special type of fibre called inulin, which is a prebiotic food for your microbiota.

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Kimchi Recipes

This Asian-inspired dish is super-delicious and the most traditional way to serve kimchi.

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Everything you need to know about food intolerances

What’s the difference between and allergy and an intolerance? True allergies are a reaction between the body’s immune system and a usually harmless substance. Each time a person comes into contact with that substance their bloodstream is flooded with antibodies, leading to an intense and unmistakable reaction. An example of this would be the airways […]

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How to prevent constipation

Many digestive problems begin as a condition of stagnation. This stagnation can be worsened by other factors such as a lack of water, lack of fibre, stress (which slows down digestion), dysbiosis (gut bacteria being out of balance), lack of exercise etc. It is easy to see why so many people can now suffer from [...]

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How stress impacts the gut

Your gut health is influenced by how and what you eat as well as your emotions and experiences – remember the nervous tummy churning that accompanies job interviews, first dates and exams, how heartache either annihilates your appetite or sends it into hyperdrive, and the painful gut tightening caused by stress? Research shows there are [...]

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Dairy-free do’s and don’ts

The Gut Plan Clinic menus cut out dairy during the early phase as it can be a common gut irritant. You may be concerned you're lacking calcium, a bone-protecting mineral. While dairy products are the richest source of it, there are plenty of other foods you can eat to ensure a healthy skeleton. Going dairy [...]

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