how it all works

How you are supported

The Gut Plan Clinic programme combines regular support from Amanda and her nutrition team throughout the 3-phase diet programme – everything is designed to be as easy as follow as possible so you can simply enjoy the great health benefits.

  • Menus and recipes can be accessed on the member area of the website, the app and the book
  • Before you begin you’ll receive a set up call with a nutritionist
  • Each week you’ll be sent an invite to Amanda’s interactive Q & A webinar
  • Each week you’ll be sent invites to other interactive events of interest such as food demos, listen-in’s or videos we recommend you watch
  • Each day you can post questions in the forum
Before you begin Phase 1 – Rest Phase 2 – Rewild Phase 3 – Rebalance
Book a set up call to help personalise your programme.

Flexible start dates

Remove specific foods

Easy menus of batch cooking, soups and smoothies

Join the coaching webinars!

Add in health promoting foods

Join in cooking demos

Get your nutrition questions answered

Talk to others in the forum

Reintroduce excluded foods with guidance

Monitor results and plan for the long term

Why gut health

The latest research in nutrition suggests that if you want to enjoy optimal health, and even to lose weight, you need a healthy gut with a diversity of good bacteria.
The Gut Plan Clinic offers an interactive 21 day programme of professional advice, education and menus to help you enjoy gut health results

Top 5 benefits of the Gut Plan Clinic

  • say goodbye to bloating and discomfort
  • improve or even resolve gut health issues
  • look forward to increased energy
  • clearer skin and improved mood
  • weight loss if required

You will remove the most common allergens from your diet to help calm the gut, giving it a chance to heal
You’ll learn about intolerances through elimination and sampling
You’ll complete a 100% natural, food based rebalance of the bowel flora
You’ll be given wider nutrition advice, clearing up any confusion you may have in our Q & A webinars and forums
You’ll take a look at your stress factors, and be advised on steps to reduce or manage stress better
You’ll learn how to do abdominal massage and yoga moves to ease discomfort
If you want to undertake any functional tests or support your plan with supplements, our nutrition team can advise you and provide you with lower rates than anywhere else. We will also advise you or refer you on if we suspect you need further medical testing

The Menu

The Gut Plan education programme is supported by a specialist 21 day menu system that comes in 3-phases designed to maximise gut healing. The menus and recipes provided to you in daily emails and links to your member website where you can look ahead to any day of the plan at any time for your convenience. You can also opt to use the app or book as extra support.

Within each of these phases there are choices for vegans, vegetarian and gut specific variations such as low FODmap.  This menu plan is also designed to be flexible and adaptable. If you can’t get or don’t like an ingredient, it’s fine to leave it out or substitute something similar.

Phase 1 is called Rest. During this five-day phase, you’ll be giving your digestive system some well-earned downtime. It’s not a ‘detox’ – your body is perfectly capable of removing toxins by itself. But by temporarily eliminating common gut irritants and keeping the diet simple and easy to digest, you allow any past tummy troubles to settle down. It also gives your weight loss a kick-start if that is something you are also looking for, which is always good motivation! Bloating and water retention will disappear.

You’ll start each day with a delicious smoothie, and lunch and dinner are lightly cooked rather than raw. Meals are based around plant foods, plus protein. Off limits are any processed foods, added sugar, alcohol, gluten, dairy, carbonated beverages (even water) and vegetables from the nightshade family. You’ll be having limited grains (only gluten-free oats and quinoa), caffeine (1-2 cups green tea only) and limited beans and pulses. The foods you eat are all gut soothers, known for their calming, healing effects.

Phase 2 is called Re-wild and it’s when the plan starts to bring the diversity into your diet that your microbiome loves. The gut soothing foods are still part of the menu, but now there is added gut boosters, in the form of prebiotics and probiotics. Expect lots of prebiotic vegetables to give your gut flora the nutrients it needs to thrive and proliferate and fermented, probiotic foods and drinks like kefir, kombucha, pickles and more, to put more microbes in the gut. During these nine days you have a few more breakfast and snack options. You’re also gradually consuming more beans and pulses and re-introducing eggs.

The final, seven-day phase is called Rebalance. By now you’ll be feeling great and like you’ve really got to grips with this new way of eating. Hopefully you’ve discovered some new tastes and have a good recipe repertoire, too. This phase is about keeping up the good work and re-introducing those food types we cut out in phase one, to see how your digestive systems react. You can now have a small glass of red wine daily, if you like. Day by day you’ll be introduced to those possible irritants we eliminated in phase 1, so you can easily tell if you react to them.

Who should do the plan?

You may already know – or will soon learn – that the impact of gut issues are wide ranging. The Gut Plan programme is designed to help anyone interested in achieving better health from the inside out.

The Gut Plan Clinic programme is designed to work around your normal life, so there’s no need to be off work or clear the diary as you might on some detox-type regimes. You’ll be eating enough to keep you functionally as well as possible That said, the weekend (or any non-working day) might be the best time to start, when life tends to be easier to manage. Be kind to yourself and don’t pile on unnecessary pressure. And remember, you will speak to a Gut Clinic nutritionist before embarking on the plan so all your questions will be answered.

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